Will the heat be unkind to my garden?

It was +18'C @ 5:40 am...it's going to be a scorcher, on our way to +33'C. The hot tub will now be a cooling tub, with water temp of ~90'F.

The garden is slowly coming to life, some disappointments, but hey, it's all a learning curve. Enjoy!

Lupins and memories of PEI
Mom's hosta - obviously happy at my home
Morden Blush rose
Snow on the Mountain
Bachelor Buttons
Bleeding Heart
Manitoba native Grapes
Lemon Gem marigold

Yes folks...this is our FIRST almost ripe tomato, still on the vine!!!! Yes we are in zone 2A! When you factor in the greenhouse price, this is one very expensive tomato! There better be more!


Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

im surprised Dad hasnt scooped it for his morning snack at the office?? flowers are looking good. Jeff watered ours this morning cause we are expecting 35 this afternoon...yup little guy will be playing in the house this afternoon...

Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

if you keep the tub "cool" baby J can go for a dip with his Daddy and Papa...I'll make sure ti bring the swimmer pants

Lesley said...

Good job hiding the dental floss on your ripe tomato Mom - just kidding.

About 5 years ago MacAulay's and the Beck's were competing in tomato gardens and Dad actually bought ripe tomatos from Sobey's and tied them on with dental floss, actually it was longer than 5 years ago, it was when he was actually retired for 6 weeks. Obviously he had too much time on his hands!