Sisters are 2 different flowers from the same garden.

How could I possibly pick just one to show you? I am just so grateful to have any left standing after last night's horrific thunder & lightening storm. The action started around 8 pm and was still going strong at 1:08 am when the power went out. How did I know the exact time? With the driving winds, we had the windows closed and I just had to get up, turn on the fan and have a drink of water. Except for some leaves blown about and a few bent stalks, the garden is looking very pretty today.

Thanks for visiting me today!


Lesley said...

'Kay I'm definitely the bright orange one, right?
The Lei Team may be switching to Team Crockett with an 80s Miami Vice theme,what do you think?

Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

crockett!!! i love it..its so Aaron! I want to be the light pink flower...its my fave!

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Team Crockett...does that mean dad has to wear pink shirt with white jacket???? Flashback of Jim P & Rick S!!!!!