What have I gotten myself into?

One of my 101 things to do in 1001 days was 1 10km walk for me and one for charity. Well Lesley and Aaron are joining the underwear run for cancers below the waist and have issued THE CHALLENGE! So now the big decision - do I really challenge myself and go for the 10 km run or play it safe and sign up for the 5 km walk?

I can do the 5 km walk now, not much extra effort. I could try and do a personal best. But the idea of the run is needling me in the back on my noggin!

OK, I'lve talked myself into upping my workouts and if my back holds up, I'm going for the run! Watch out for more details about pledging etc...

BTW - the teams are encouraged to dress for the occasion...for those who seen me in my borrowed thong last August ( even OVER my jeans!)...no fears, there won't be a repeat showing!


Lesley said...

Still working on the application but will hopefully be able to unveil our pledge webpage next week or so.
So far we're going with "THE LEI TEAM" as our group and we'll be sporting lei's and grass skirts

Alberta ('Berta) said...

My grass skirt will probably be a muumuu!