Aren't they great?


Sunday evening, Joe took a phone was Joey aka Joseph. He was all excited...5 more sleeps before he comes to visit us. He went on to tell his Papa about what he wanted to do, that he was going to bring his brother Alex along with him, they could all play pirates...go swimming....His Papa was so proud.

Today Lesley called just to chitchat and confirm for tomorrow night. Joey got on the phone and the first words out of his mouth were..."guess what Nannie? Only 1 more sleep before I come to visit!" I couldn't help but we chatted about things we are going to do, he's bringing his brother and his golf clubs....then when his Mom got back on the line, she said that he's been keeping track of how sleeps all by prompting!

Gee, they grow up so fast!


Anonymous said...

Oh that is so sweet. I bet you and Joe is briming ear to ear during and after that phone call.

Anonymous said...

Proud or what,,, I have a tee off time booked for Joey and i, the others cam come along if they wish...The new Tiger is in the making....
The Big Guy