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  1. Happy 22 nd Anniversary to Aline & Nikolas Tossman.

  2. Joe should be home today after being in Montreal since Monday. Poor guy had his heart set on St Hubert's chicken with the tangy coleslaw...but it wasn't to be!

  3. A quick story while I think of it...not sure why now, except maybe because it's TGIF and we sometimes have a pizza...Anyways...While Joey was with us he and his Papa got to talking about lunch and they decided on homemade pizza. So we piled into the car to get the ingredients. While Joe was looking at the various things...Joey wanted a 'macaroni pizza' - Joey gets macaroni and pepperoni mixed up sometimes...Joey spotted something in the deli case and took off. He comes back with a big grin on his face and a pizza L*nchable! Papa, I got it! he exclaimed! Seems the moral to this story is 'homemade means sometimes totally different to a 5 year old and a Red Seal Chef! We went home...Joe popped our favorite frozen pizza in the oven while he and Joey sat at the dining table and 'made' his homemade pizza! What a great day that was!
Have a great weekend everyone, rain or shine! I know I will! Hugs to all!

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Lesley said...

Cute story Mom! Still makes me laugh!