Wednesday already

I've had a lot on my mind lately...hence the lack of blog updates...but here's a recap...

Sunday I noticed the leaves on our trees are starting to change. When we were out & about, noticed we aren't alone in this phenomena.

Taking in some of the garden...things aren't growing much so time to enjoy.

Sorting through more drawers & closets...I miss those regular moves which gave us to perfect time to purge.

Working on Fred. On the days when the light isn't strong, I work on the books.

Joe had an eye scare Monday. Woke with it swollen, blurred vision and a pain in back of it. He thought he could drive to work but turned around 5 minutes into his commute. Smart move...DR weren't sure if it was an ulcer behind it or just stress from the hectic week in QC or a scratched cornea. The medicated drops helped tremendously and he's back to it was one of the last 2.

My summer cold was passed but left me with a bit of a dry cough which is helped by drinking my water. I'll live!

Looking forward to golf this weekend with Lucie. Hoping to also hit the farmer's market. May be going next door for UFC to coordinate supper with Jo & Ken. Last time we each contributed something cold and something for the BBQ. Worked out well. I'm not a big fan of this fighting but will go for the outing.

Enjoy the last of August...September is fast approaching!


Anonymous said...

The Big Guy...
I got the time this afternoon for a quick round at the local course..

Nat said...

Yes, the leaves are changing here in Ontario, too, and it's pretty depressing.......the summer flew by, but on a happy note......back to school:)

Jen said...

I know, it seems like fall now. Usually it is not this cool until mid Sept. What a short summer! The weather sure is changing.