Catching Up!

This is the last of the garden flowers. We expect a heavy frost tonight to finish them off. Overall I'm pleased with this year's efforts. Some things I will in the process of dividing some overgrown perennials...Aaron will be getting some lilies for the front garden beds...not sure when. Joe & his friend Steve have a bike trip planned for the next UFC night. Saddle bags are only so big and he does need to take a change of clothes.

The grapes are still on the vine - we know we are pushing the limits here - but DD1 is visiting this weekend and she will want positive proof that yes we grew our very own grapes. This need of proof positive all stems from the summer Joe retired from the military and went and tied on some store bought vine ripen tomatoes on our plants just before DD2 visited early in the summer! Someone had way too much time on his hands. That's about the time I send him back out into the world to find a job or somewhere else to go!

Over the weekend we pulled the camper home, got it cleaned out and winterized. It's back in its winter storage area. Sunday we pulled everything out of the new shed and reinforced the floor underneath the doorway. We slightly miscalculated the first time around. Then Joe built a narrow but useful shelf to span the back width. On this we have the small things like lawn chairs, kids disassembled climber and the baby stroller. Underneath we have the lawn mower, my bike and the tuned up snowblower.

Next on the to do list is prune back some shrubs and rip up the old decking that was under the A frame shed. We will close the hot tub after the Thanksgiving weekend. Our first snowfall in 2006 happened the third week of October...and stayed. I'm getting too old & slow to run through the snow to unlatch and jump into the tub!

So I hope this little updates satisfies those who have been wondering why the bloglines have been so slow of late. I don't necessarily mean you Aaron! How you doin????? Tee Hee

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's all about bragging rites. and i have the grapes....
not enough this year for a batch of wine, but next year....who knows.
The Big Guy