Too close for me comfort

I passed this accident shortly after it happened. I'm so surprised both drivers survived...someone divine was looking after them. My hands were shaking as I continued into the city to run my errands.

As I drove south, I could see a car weaving back and forth, changing lanes in order to pass yet another car. Soon it was passing me, very aggressive, even though I was doing a bit better than the posted speed limit. I glanced was a woman! I guess road aggression isn't a man thing!

On my return trip, I was in my usual lane, approaching an intersection controlled by traffic lights. The light turned yellow - the car in the right lane 1 spot ahead of me slowed down to stop. The big truck that was just coming up from my blind spot on the right, hit the gas. Yup...the truck hit the car hard, sending it scurrying into the intersection which hadn't filled with cross traffic yet. the car continued past the intersection, dropping parts along the way and pulled over to the shoulder...driver got out...a senior, visibly shaken. Truck driver also got out where he was...fluids spewing onto the highway...and guess who was right behind me and seen the whole thing?

It was the Highway Peace Officers! I hope the truck driver has learned his lesson...don't assume because you want to run the light that the vehicle in front of you will do the same thing. Some of us do obey the traffic laws!

My last thought on this-



Anonymous said...

Auntie Berta, I am so glad that you are alright and so thankful that the driver of the truck was not behind you! I do agree, never assume while driving...

jen said...

Oh my!! I agree completely!