Any Dr. Mehmet Oz fans?

His latest book YOU: Staying Young will be released tomorrow. He's greatly concerned with the rising incidence of Alzheimer's Disease and some of the numbers are alarming. He talked more about this issue on Blog Talk Radio with host Connie Bennett's show. This is my first time listening to Connie...not the sharpest pencil if you get my drift...but I did enjoy Dr Oz.

The kids have often kidded with us, that if we ever get AZ, they would take good care of a dressing us funny....panties on the outside, that sort of thing. Think about it, talk about it and if it ever comes to be, it won't be as hard to talk about!


Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

I like dr Oz...hes on Oprah every other week...or so it seems...he puts everything in a way that its easy to understand without making you feel dumb...i wouldnt be surprised if he got his own show like dr phil! I like him too.

Lesley said...

Hey didn't we already make you wear panties on the outside of your pants?