Cross off # 3 on 101 in 1001 days!

LaZBoy had a great sale - 45% off and no GST so we took the plunge and got matching chairs! It's not the Louise - doesn't swivel...but it does rock & recline! Now the problem...I want mine closer to the window so I can enjoy the view and good natural light. But, we have house guests arriving and they may want something to sit on besides a milk crate! So the sofa & love seat are still in the living room. The old chair is wrapped up and sitting on the deck until we can go to the dump. Now to source out a small scale sofa...the smallest one LaZBoy has is 2" longer than what we have now! We may go and check out IKEA and see what they have. We'll drag Amanda & Rob along...they may enjoy drooling over all the great ideas.

I just realized that I've slacked off on my 101 in 1001 quest...only have 22 things crossed off! I better pick something and GET IT DONE! Did you like that reference to GTD????

After much delay, kicking it, I finally set up my 43 folder tickler file and's working great! Things I expect in a couple weeks are popped into the appropriate folder. I did my bill paying etc...and THEN the mail arrived with another I just put that into today's folder, ready to go. I just hope I can keep it up until it's a habit. Stay tuned!

Hope all the young ones have a great time trick or treating tomorrow! Amanda & Rob can help us give out treats!

Have a good one!

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