Do this for yourself & your loved ones!

Thanks Pumpkin for the reminder...with my eye appointment yesterday I missed this!

Eye check up couldn't have gone better although it wasn't comfortable. The dilation drops sting and you can't squeeze them out, you just have to get through the discomfort aka pain. No sings of glaucoma, for which I am at high risk. My bilateral ptergia continues to hold steady. My prescription has changed slightly for the second year in a row and it now warrants new lens...and since I wear glasses all day long, I'm shopping for new frames...maybe 2 if I can manage classic and perhaps a fun pair. I can't wait to go shopping this weekend.

My Doctor did suggest I buy some 3.00 readers for my cross stitch - it'll give me a larger viewing area vs my progressives. Gee...I'm interested in whether this will increase my stitching speed or at least my accuracy!

Hope the autumn weather continues to hold out for you. The weather forecasters here have revised their forecast and got rid of that dreaded S word. Thank you!

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