We often come back to this

It only takes a few minutes into our next camping trip, for one of us to comment on how efficient our camper is...so why are we in the sized house we are in? Do we really NEED all that room? It's more to pay for, upkeep,furnish, and heat.

Take a look at this beauty...do you think we could downsize that much????

ENESTI How much does it cost?
Enesti Tiny House Image

Featured in the Portfolio - Vol II. $19.99
Order a set of plans. $997
Specifications: About 770 sf, 30'L x 16'W x 17'H, 3000 lbs
This somewhat larger structure was created to show that small dwellings can house more than just one or two occupants. The Enesti model shows how as many as four people can comfortably cohabitate in a small home. Beyond the four private sleeping quarters, there's an office, a 120 sf great room, laundry facilities, 1 1/2 bathrooms, a sizable kitchen and a dining nook. Efficient design keeps it feeling roomy.

Our neighbours to the south even have a Small House Society. Check it out!

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