I turned around and there you were!

We headed into the cities yesterday morning...pick up my new prescription sunglasses - very chic! - amongst over things. The Br*ck had a sale on LaZ Boy chairs...but nothing that fit both of us...I think I'm going to end up spending the big $ for the one I really love - Louise! I'm still searching for 1mm wide Velcro for someone's new playroom...seems there was a Hallowe'en costume rush on just that!

Anyways, I digress...I thought W*lly world might have some...nope but I ran into Isabelle & Pearl from the QUIL group ...they are discussing which fabric to purchase to cover the teen bulletin board @ the library. Bright blue wall and I said the lime would certainly pop...so they are going with the green. Isabelle mentioned they were going to meet for an impromptu crafting session later...was I available. I said probably.

We left, went into the big city and as we are looking for parking, who do we see again - Yup!!!! You must understand that outside of the library I may never see these women in our small town. What are the odds of running into them over and over in a city the size of Edmonton?

Oh well...I got my shopping done, did some crafting...cinnamon stick Santas...and we enjoyed UFC @ Jo's...yummy eats...meatballs, cheeses, pickles, crackers and Uncle Paul's Jambalaya. What a hit!

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Krista said...

Auntie Berta...
Don't purchas anything from the B untill you talk to Hike!!! He gets Friends and Fam discounts that you are eligable to recieve being Family, and he is more than happy to extend the discounts. If you have to go for the pricier modle, at least get what discount you can!!!