Ruby...don't take your hoe to town!!!!

I've had a Kenny Rogers song running circles in my mind since Joe said this last night as I left for my garden club meeting. Last night was swap night...anything gardening you weren't using or extra seeds or plant cuttings. I had a duplicate garden fork and the Dutch hoe that I hadn't used since I had the big garden in the Kingston ON field with my dear friend Lorraine. My dear friend Jo didn't have one, but she does now! I swapped the hoe for 3 garden magazines and an envelope of black eye susans! Win Win!

The blue roses are continuing to put smile on my face although they are starting to droop. Image my delight when a certain someone came home from work with these 2 beauties! My first birds of paradise (or is it bird of paradises?) and I love 'em...I wonder what zone they grow in..9? A person can dream, can't they?

Fred is still close at hand for stitching time. With the new to me readers, I can't believe the difference. It's so much easier to see the holes even with out strong sunlight. I won't be afraid of dark backgrounds in the future! It is obvious to me that this won't be completed in 2007, but I'm not going to rush and perhaps make a mistake I'll regret. My SAL with Bliss & Margaret has given me a strong jump off point and this will get finished.

I did sidetrack and stitch up this beauty...a freebie called Linen Heart. I got it through an online stitching group...and will share if you email me a quick note. I used a scrap of 16 count white Aida and some odds'n'ends of floss.

Have a great weekend all...I'll be watching UFC along with most of you!

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