Joe was feeling better!

He had a chance to catch up on some sleep this morning and felt good enough to go grocery shopping with me. We got that done and decided to spring for lunch out. hadn't done that in a long time.

It was one of those...lunch ready in 15 minutes or it's free deals. It wasn't and it was! Joe was so excited that without thinking he peeled open the first mint, popped it into his mouth and then peeled open the second and last mint and popped that one in his mouth along with the first one!

By the second A-hem! from me he realized what he had done! Bad boy! Especially seeing as I had the money for lunch in the first place! He tried to give me a wet soggy mint but I said No...I'll get mine later and Yes, it was going to cost him!

It did! We went into LaZ Boy and after kicking chairs for almost 3 years...I got mine! And then I said I wanted a second one! Pay up Joe!!!!!Yup, my 'mint' sure tasted good - I hope his did as well!!!!!


Lesley said...

Yeah for a free lunch! Next time you're in town we should take the boys to Olive Garden - they're semi-civillized in public places and I'm sure Joey'd go crazy over the salad as much as Alex would be diggin the breadsticks.
We've booked our sitter for the 10th so we can try out the Brazilian restaurant. Looking forward to it :o)

Lesley said...

Totally off topic but
58 days until Christmas how much shopping have you gotten done?