Great weekend!

Joe & Joseph looked great in their co-ordinating blue hats for the museum visit over the weekend. I stayed back with Alex who was still suffering with his bout of tummy flu.

Supper out was awesome...I don't think I've ever eaten that much meat in 1 sitting. It just kept coming and coming! The collards greens were yummy too, although the others weren't filling up as much with the side dishes! Also tried the couscous salad...mmm!

The drive home was wind swept to say the least, but not like this morning! WOW! My greenhouse doors were banging about in the breeze...I'll check for damage once daylight arrives. A section of downspout was in the neighbour's yard. Our fence is upright, but a section of the neighbour across the road is down. Looks like it just came unattached, not broken like our fence 3 years ago! Rebuilding a fence in the cold isn't fun! If I see them out once the wind dies down, I'll go and offer some help. With 2 women on either end of the section, Al should be able to do the hammering!

But in the meantime, I'll catch up on my blogs, email & scrabulous games! Have a great Tuesday everyone! Another short week!

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Anonymous said...

The Big Guy...
And to top off a great weekend, i got 2 tickets to see Celine Dion when she comes to Edmonton....