What are you doing with your extra hour?

I'll be sewing or preparing to sew or searching for fabric.

Late spring Joe was asked to be Santa for the kids Christmas party. I bought the pattern for the suit - Joe wanted his very own, really nice one. After summer vacation, Joe startede to beard and it was looking really good when it happened.

Joe found out that the guy who played the part last year really enjoyed it and was looking forward to a repeat performance. I didn't got the fabric yet - it wasn't in the shoppes - so not much lost, just some expectations.

Well Tuesday we found out the first fellow doesn't want to do it anymore!!!! So now Joe has no time to grow a real beard, I'm scrambling to find 7 metres of nice plush red fabric and some white fur trim. And the real kicker...this is how it will all come down...

November 23 after Joe is done work, we drive 4 hours to Calgary for Joey's 6th birthday. We missed it last year because of a snow storm and closed highways.
November 24 after we do birthday breakfast etc, we leave Calgary for home to get dolled up for the office Christmas party...we are the designated driver(s). We drive our friends home, go to sleep.
November 25 - Grey Cup Day - we go and play Santa at the company kid's party. We do home and collapse!

Excuse me...I think I'll go, claim my extra hour now and just lay down....I have a headache starting!!!!


Lesley said...

Honestly, Joseph will not be offended if you can't make it to his party! He'll be occupied with the critters from Petland and I'm positive he'd be okay with a second birthday cake - maybe we should celebrate his birthday this Friday coming?

Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

One of the first things Im going to do tomorrow is to check when the kids Party is...ha ha...might as well take Jonathan to make some friends and get his pic with Santa!