Played tourists

While Joe was out hunting - never seen anything but beautiful scenery...still too warm for the elk to be moving - I took the kids for a little drive into the city to IKEA. I figured that the catalogue would make more sense once Amanda experienced IKEA in the flesh. Well we looked at everything, Amanda was smiling from time to time but Rob was super quiet...I think he thinks this is going to cost him in the future!

Sunday we all headed to WEM to do some Christmas shopping/looking. We met up with the kids at the pet shop by the designated entrance at the right time. Again, I think they are a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of the WEM offerings.

I started Santa's pants yesterday. Drove Amanda to her job interview...yes she landed it!...then dropped off the recyclables and library books. Then I walked into town to meet Joe at the DR's office...yes the kidney stones are on the move again. Over for blood tests and now to wait for the ultrasound later this month. November just got busier!

The new year is looking good for concerts. Blue Rodeo is returning in January but not the Tom Cochrane/John Mellancamp show....only going to Red Deer & Calgary in February. What to do....tix for BR do on sale I or do I chance waiting for an Edmonton Date for Tom & John. We've seen them all but boy, does John put on a show! Stay tuned for updates!

Hope the week goes well for you. The kids have a job fair in town today and then Rob has an interview in the city tomorrow at the same time Amanda starts training. Things are starting to com together!

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