No doubt about it!

I am behind in the times! There, I said it, it's out in the open.

Here's a good example of how my train of thoughts usually unfold...

  • Since my 101 things - listening to all my discs...was checked off, I've started watching all those vhs tapes that I've made/collected over the years. I'm presently watching Jumpin Jack Flash circa 1986 while on the treadmill. There in a commercial break was Pong! circa 1976! Guess what, I missed a step - not pretty!
  • Pong got me to thinking that games have come a looong way since then...Joe kids me about having a Commodore 64! Now he thinks he wants something newer...I suggested he research it and get back to me! Tee Hee
  • Back to VHS - that was a huge step for us...yes we were of the BETA era! Here we are, slowly getting into DVD's and out comes BLUE RAY! DUH!
So, I'm not sure where this train is heading, but head is spinning and I think it's counter clockwise...not good when you have a touch of vertigo!

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