Tis the Season!

Where has the time gone? I know I had a great lunch date with Joe...he came home early from work, we did some shopping and then had the most leisurely meal at East Side Mario's - yum! What made this especially special was knowing that Joe will be working full out from today through to the 21st. One of his most challenging tasks, besides coordinating all the drivers/trucks/vans for the staff runs so they can all enjoy their time off with family, is the turkey dinner for 900 in nearby Saskatchewan on Sunday afternoon. I only hope the weather holds out and roads are good...this is the only thing that can upset the big plan. Earlier this week, we made our annual contribution to our Secret Santa project. The elves are busy with last minute touches and soon the special delivery will be made to a deserving family.

Here is my most current shot of Frederick the Literate. I started him May 2007, and had HUGE hopes of completing him along with Bliss and Margaret but it's not meant to be. My progress came to an almost stand still with the fading natural light...but soon that trend will reverse itself and I'm sure the stitches will come easier each passing day. I had an unfortunate incident not too long ago, ended up with a frogging task. Lesson learned...no more rushing!

These are Joe's collection of Nutcrackers...all received this year from Aaron & Lesley. It's part of an inside joke about Joe attending the ballet last year! Seems the macho guys never spoke of this until recently and then it was like a cat being like out of a bag! Nothing was sacred anymore. I see more nutcrackers in Joe's future! You lucky guy!

Along with holiday baking to do this weekend while Joe is serving up turkey and all the trimmings, I have slippers to knit for Alex...seems he has just discovered just how comfy they are at the exact time his feet are growing leaps and bounds. But if I recall correctly, they grew this time last year...example, his skates fit before the holidays and the next time they were up, poor Alex's feet wouldn't fit! I'd rather replace slippers any day than ice skates for growing boys!

Just in case this is my last posting before Christmas, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. If you are traveling, take care on the roads.

May you have the Gladness of Christmas which is Hope
The Spirit of Christmas which is Peace
The Heart of Christmas which is Love.
~Ada V. Hendricks~

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