That was some Saturday drive!

Joe learned early that there was a huge problem in the field and seeing as most of the managers /supervisors in town were working on the turkey dinner for 900 in SK Sunday...Joe was the logical one to fix the problem.

So after starting his day @ 5:30 am in Fort Saskatchewan, Joe called me and asked if Iw anted to go for a drive with him.

Funny man! I packed a quick lunch with the 40 minutes notice and Cody & I climbed into the 1 ton and off we went. The whole trip was ~ 800 kms, lots of it on the back private roads leading into the remote camp. That was not fun. I like to know on the map exactly where I am...not driving by directions - go this far on this road, turn here, proceed 8 kms, and a left...etc.All the directions were based on the city office so once we got to the first camp, loaded up we had to get new directions to proceed north from where we were...instead of back tracking 2 hours before going north again.

Our mid point of the drive was Red Earth Creek AB...a remote camp town where within 10 minutes of getting there, the task was done & we were headed back home. You don't realize how dark it gets without any light pollution and with blowing snow swirling around. Oh well, Joe got the save on the problem and a few hours sleep before heading to SK this morning with the rest of the crew to put on the big dinner.

Oh yeah...tomorrow is Monday - regular day at the office!

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