We don't need sweets, do we?

Here it is Dec 19 and I've only begun some holiday baking. I did up 2 batches of Auntie Kay's yummy butter tarts...one with and one without raisins...Heather is so picky sometimes, but I do seem to cater to her needs/wants!

I have all the fixings for the white chocolate cranberry loaves from last year's cookie exchange...but seems every time I get my mixer out the phone rings and off I go in a totally different direction!

Oh well, isn't the road paved with good intentions?

So there may or may not be a variety of yummies for Lucie's brunch and Christmas Day. If there is, enjoy them, they were made with love.

If there isn't, thank me for starting your New Year's Resolution to eat healthier early!


How did that happen? With all the extras on my list today, I managed to bake a couple of white chocolate cranberry loaves! You gotta love the smell of baking that has lots of butter in it! This however may be the last of my baking before the holidays...seems a certain someone has asked me to join him on a quick overnight trip to Rainbow & Zama! Check your maps...I got to dig out my long johns!

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