Yeah...staying home

Boo...I'm fighting off something or other...hopefully I didn't bake whatever into my goodies! High fever, chills, sore muscles...not good today, hopefully better tomorrow.

E-chatting - is that a word? can it be? with cousin Tara and I have a new author to search out in the new year. She's reading Carved In Bones by Jefferson Bass ... apparently if you like CSI and Patricia Cornwall type books, then this may be a great match for you. Love books! Love my library card!


Lesley said...

Hope you don't have what I had!

I'll have to look up the new author although I'm still working my way through Jodi Picoult's books.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are not catching what I had. A very bad cold! I couldn't talk for three days, well I did talk, it just sounded really funny.
Take care and Happy HoHo