Am I doing this on my own?

10 Worst Foods in 2007 I got this from Spark People today and I'm so happy that I haven't eaten any of those...but that doesn't mean I've been a good girl, otherwise I wouldn't be the size and shape I am!

For those not in the loop, I've joined up and am hoping that this will keep me accountable! Despite trying to tag team with Lesley & my friend Brenda online, I'm a slacker most days. And Lesley has so nicely pointed out that the Team Crockett race is just 6 months away!

Now folks, I seriously need to get off my *ss and get moving...who's with me?
My progress is up and out there is all it's ugliness but each day is an opportunity for me to do my best in everything I do.

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Lesley said...

I signed up, haven't done a page yet although I'm not sure I want to if it posts my actual weight...