He had such big hopes!

Renovations continued over the Christmas/New Year holidays and Joe had hoped that this past weekend, his new office would be done except for the door installation.

We went into the office Saturday morning, Joe spoke with the painters and the fellow working on the telephone lines etc. They said they would finish the painting & wall papering over the weekend so Joe could finally get off his mobile trolley cart he's been using. Well we went back to the office on Sunday.

The painting wasn't finished...it looks like a different colour or sheen in the one corner they did. No wallpaper and the lights still don't work. All the other lights in the other offices & cubicles are shining brightly not Joe's office without windows is in complete darkness!

The topper on all this good news...they took the sheet Joe had over his mobile desk, protecting his computer from dry wall dust, had been removed and was now on the floor of another cubicle, covered in paint! They used it as a drop cloth!

I hope Joe's Monday ends on a higher note than it is starting on!

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