Heard you loud & clear!

Okay, so there is an audience out there...lurkers I think they are called. But no matter, so long as I'm not doing this just for me. Got to keep the family on the loop of what is going on in our lives!

We are in Day 4 of this cold snap...sad news out of SK, 2 youngsters froze to death. So difficult to comprehend in this day and age. But there whole story isn't out yet, may never be public knowledge, but you have to say a quiet little prayer for the family.

My car was royally frozen and I finally got it going yesterday ~ 4 pm. Joe went with me into the city for run some errands and get things moving. Hopefully it'll start better today. I have banking to do for Dad and because of the nature of laws/banking cards/trustee accounts, I have to actually go into the bank and talk to a teller EVERY time! What a pain! I've tried to just get a convenience card for deposits only but they won't/can't do that without first changing legislation. I doubt very much that this will ever see the light of day because in the global sense...it affects so few people. I'll get over it!

Joe had a heck of a day yesterday. Started with a phone call @ 5:45am - 2 from the warehouse weren't going anywhere until their vehicle thawed out. It went downhill from there. A camp that was to start up...all of Joe's stuff was out there ready to go...is badly delayed for one reason or another. So there is staff, trucks, groceries sitting waiting and on the clock! Now to work out who absorbs that unexpected expense! Poor Joe, no wonder he had ringing in his ears!!!!

I'm hoping to get my baby quilt sandwiched today...I have a quilting meeting Saturday but I'm not sure I want to take this and work on it or not. I'd be a table hog and need lots of room and I can spread out quite nicely at home. So I may be starting a new project or working on the label for the charity quilt.

FYI - Lesley is getting quite the collection of items for our auction in March...pop over to Team Crockett and check it out. I heard someone else may be bidding on the autographed cookbook...check your pockets for more money Heather! There's a couple of things that caught my eye...I hope I'm not too busy with the food & bartending to check my bids!!!! I think a Handy Man for a half day would be useful...I'd have to put Phil up here for the weekend but hey...we could make a party out of it. Maybe we'd get that arbour built this year!

Hope everyone stays warm and safe today! Thanks for the feedback...it was just what I needed to break the writer's block...or is it diarrhea of the mouth????? You tell me!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Berta nice picture with chef Micheal Smith I watch his cooking show a lot, love to watch him cook. He is so tall? Hope you get some warm weather soon, it is raining here today +3. we always read your blog everyday and love it to keep up with what is going on with you guys better go now tell Joe and everyone HI.....LOVE CHERYL