Skill or dumb luck?

Flashback to a conversation I had with Joe early December...he was thinking of getting another computer for the home so he could play some games. I said he could play them on my computer, but he had worries about tying it up when I needed to do some of my work.

Ok, then he thought he would get a games system. He's played them a bit @ Les's but not enough to get the real feel of what the features were.

Now this past weekend, we had a chance to play their new Wii...and it seems to be the match we were looking for. So after a quick Sunday morning match with Joey on the cooking game, we headed north in the blizzard with the parting words..."Papa is going to get his own Wii!"

Well after that horrid drive we stopped into B*st B*y and they didn't quite laugh at us, not in our faces anyways. Well I was in town yesterday and by chance stopped into Z*ll*er's and they said they didn't have any. Imagine my surprise when Joe called on his lond drive home to say he would be even longer because he had to stop by Z to pick up his Wii! Seems he called earlier and sweet talked whomever answered his call and said they had 1 but it was already spoeken for and should be picked up by 4. Well Joe left his name and number and guess what wasn't picked up as we now have a Wii. It's still in the box...Joe had a HUGE day...some work, 1 staff car accident as they were all leaving work and then another staff had their truck tow trucks, no help, find a way to get it to a shop on your own sore of deal...But Mark @ Dynamotive was awesome and helped out with some calls. Long story short, after doing a P*mpered Ch*f exchange for a guy at work...Joe had supper after 8! So no Wii time...tonight doesn't look much better.

Let me guess what Joe will be doing while I'm quilting this weekend with the guild! But I don't get it...why is there such a huge demand, people waiting months for this unit and it only took Joe 4 days - 1 actual day of trying - to get his console?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Berta I am guilty of reading your blog and not leaving any comments as well. I am not into it everyday but enjoy immensely how you word things and it brings me extreme joy to read it and know what is happening in your life. Truth be known I really have no life and your life sounds like so much fun, your busy with so many things and not afraid to try new things and get involved. I enjoy hearing how you are doing and the family. I for one would miss it terribly if you were to stop blogging. So PLEASE keep blogging!!!! LOL
hugs your way