Knock, Knock! I'm back!

Not sure where I went but I hope I had a good time!

Things are progressing with my training...I've got more company now...William Shakespeare! I do enjoy my music but i don't want to do that intensity all the time...I get going and I'm way over my target heart rate. So I checked out the BBC version of As You Like it and am quite enjoying it. I plan on working through all the ones the library has. Who knows, maybe it will sharpen my Jeopardy game! One can hope!

The days are getting longer so I'm back working on Frederick. I wonder if i can get moving enough to finish before the 1 year mark? Stay tuned.

Alex called me this morning with the cutest little song he just learned. The problem...I can't find it in myself to erase them! I now have 9 stacked up! I think I have 3 versions of Joey's Button/Butter factory story. I hear one thing, Joe hears the maybe Lesley can clarify where Joe works! I usually have one message from Joe saved for those days when he goes away unexpectedly...I can listen to his voice over and over! What a softie i am! Who knew?

Well I must catch up on my blog reading...stuff has taken me away...some of which I'll blog about after the TALL weekend!

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