Thanks Everyone!

The calls, comments were all so welcomed! I don't feel a day over __________ you fill in the blank!

The new disc...awesome, a total departure from past Celine tunes. She has matured into an earthier more mature singer with just a touch of the blues! Love it! I can hardly wait for her concert in October.

Joe is gifting me with 2 entire libraries for a whole year! For those who have visited our lil town...the population has grown but our library hasn' technically that means less books per person. So as of Saturday, I shall be a member of the St Albert library as well! When am I going to find time to blog???? or exercise???? I'll have to sign out more audio books and multi task with those awesome new headphones Joe got me for Christmas. I know I look like Princess Lela from Star Wars, but I can't fit those ear buds in my silly ears...they pop right out!

Well hope everyone has an awesome weekend, that our family down east have no extra snow to deal with this weekend! I'm going to enjoy our mini Chinook...ah...smell that BBQ!!!!! Bye

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