Does the FreeCycle Fling count as exercise?

It was worth a try, right?

So far I have flung all my stencils and supplies. Although it was tough to release my favorite - geraniums & pots...I did it. I hope Rachel enjoys them as much as I did. I even included some of my best tips to get her started.

Today I've posted some fabric...sorry Brenda...I didn't see that you were COLLECTING before I posted...this is all new stuff with enough yardage to make something great. But I know I'm not going to...cuz...if I would have been done by now!

My hobby tastes have changed over the years. Although these aren't burning passions of mine, I do hope that someone else will experience the adrenalin rush of discovering something new, and at little or no cost. I'm being tough...if you want something on FreeCycle - you figure out how to pick it up!

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Brenda said...

So you just post in on free cycle and people come and take your stuff. If I have any left after my yard sale, I think that might be a good way for me to unload alot of needlework, knitting and crochetting that I will never get around to doing. All given to me. I have become somewhat of a pack rat and it is diffinately time to purge.