Light Bulb moment

This is my current read, another of the Chicken Soup Series but with a twist...the author inputs her point of view and then has another's experience that coincides with the topic.

This morning's 'lesson' was entitled "Willing to Walk Away". Everything that I read hit home to me on something I've been toying with in my mind for about 6 months or so. I now realize that I so want to do this to free myself from an unseen burden.

Don't everyone hit the panic button and pick up the's nothing that dramatic and won't have any bearing on my life as it is today except I will feel better. don't quite buy it, do you????? Would you feel better if I say that I'm going to admit defeat in one of my undertakings and move forward? Not enough? Okay already....I'm going to purge some of my not so successful crafty items that I thought I wanted to get into and/or that phase of my life has passed!

So stay tuned for 'whatever' I'm going to release into the wild...sort of like Book Crossing but not quite. I do want to know that 'it' goes to a good home. I will offer it up to family first,then to my crafting blog friends second and so last choice will be Freecycle, because I know someone may score big by getting it for free and then selling it on eBay or in the Bargain Finder.


Lesley said...

I've just purged my wardrobe once again and it is a good idea to walk away from the jeans I'll probably never wear again. Even if I can fit them they'll probably not be cool anymore so why bother taking up closet space?

'Berta said...

Good work Lesley!!!! We should only keep things that we love, are very special to us or make us feel great...and size 8 black jeans just aren't going to happen again for me! I did however keep 1 special piece that I hope some day will see the light of day kick *ass HD belt & buckle! No rodeo but YES it did fit once upon a time. I have it hanging by the treadmill so I can see what I'm aiming for!

Brenda said...

I can totaly relate to your situation. I find it hard to part with things I know I shouldn't hang on to. Alot of my projects were given to me because I couldn't see someone throwing them out, now I find myself in the same place. How do I finish them all or who can I give them to. Hopefully, Mom will be home soon and she can take some on.