I fried my brains this morning!

No, not drugs...forms from CRA aka your friendly federal tax forms!!!!! This was not a pleasant morning...at one point I lost track of which schedule I was on and who's! YIKES! I'm not usually intimidated with forms, not even when I tackle Dad's complicated ones. However this year we have quite the opportunity to split Joe's pension. So I worked so far on his forms, put them aside, did the extra schedule, put my numbers on my forms, go back to Joe's...recalculate...SEVERAL times...and Bob's your uncle. I see a light at the end of the tunnel...and just think how happy I'll be when I get the real forms and use the actual numbers...not my educated guestimates! Ha ha...what a practice round! At least next time I will have a better idea on how intertwined this forms are. I hope I get just as happy numbers on the real deal!

Well our bitter cold weather has broken temporarily...we are almost balmy at -13.7'C but it won't last more than today...cold again tomorrow.

Joe is off on the road, heading east to SK for another big dinner with the brothers. I just hope his crackberry doesn't rang the whole time he's dealing with the dinner. Looking back I can't remember Joe having this many balls up in the air all at the same time since his days as Field Supervisor for the other company.

We'll all be ready for some R&R in March....Totally 80's and perhaps Jubilations with the kids and the Fraser's. Prepare to party and let your hair down!

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