Team Crockett Update

Well yesterday was a very promising day, donation wise! Seems that Dan & Sally (former Amazing Chase team members) have promised to sponsor either me or Joe in the
Uncover the Cure: The Underwear Affair race in June. How does a 100 clams sound???? Pretty sweet to me!!!! Happy Dance!!!!!

Also, through a chain of events, it seems that someone's company is obliged to make a charitable donation of a sizable amount...and Joe has requested that $250 be allotted for the cause under the Team Crockett name! Another Happy Dance!

And I was speaking with a certain niece and she & her Mom, my dear sister last night. They are considering making a donation to our worthy team. How great is that?!!!!

Joe & I have yet to realize some more money from the 2 Alan Jackson's Edmonton concert tickets we are donating to the cause. They have been spoken for but with everyone's crazy schedules it's a matter of getting all the right people in the same room to iron out the details - like hand over the money and we'll hand over the tickets!

OT - Dad's audit is finally getting some much needed attention. I submitted all my financial reports last October and technically they are supposed to be passed by Feb 8. Gee...isn't that THIS FRIDAY? Oh well, I'm not responsible for the delays...even though I just learned last night I need to sign the application to renew the trusteeship and have it notarized and returned. Also the courts want to hear from my sisters to get their stamp of approval...whether verbal is good enough or if they also have to sign something is beyond me. I'll be so glad to get this all finished so I can file this huge stack of papers. It's a waste of resources to start more file folders when I have a perfectly good system in 'flux'. When I do get them back, I will package everything up from the audit, tuck them in the back of the file cabinet and start again.

And how is your day looking?

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Lesley said...

My day could use a break - one boy pee'd his pants, one boy pushed another boy off his stool which led to a waterfall of tears...all this before 9 AM.

Thank goodness we've had a break in the cold weather and could spend the rest of the morning outside!