Just for fun today

We headed out this morning looking for a new to us adventure and ended up at the lanes in St Albert. Just so happened the YBC league had finished and there was lots of room for us!

Shoes off, rentals on...little snafu with J's pair - 2 lefts no rights!...but we were soon directed to lane 12, complete with gutter bumpers.

Partway through the first game, J started to get a sore arm...he was trying to bowl the proper way, one hand, draw back and release. He was doing a great job at the start but soon spotted the ramp aids and that was that. He quickly figured out how to angle the shoot to bank off the gutter bumpers!

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Lesley said...

My baby's growing up....

I'll have to check into bowling for him. Guess we can thank the Wii for his interest in bowling :o)

Glad you had fun! Only one more sleep.