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Monica just posted a comment on Moral Dilema and said something so true, about getting around the bag limit by using larger trash bags. Here, besides the bag limit, there is also a limit on the weight of each bag. I've never had a problem with an overweight bag - I figure if I can carry it to the curb, it's got to be okay. The city of Edmonton is digging in their heels over any bag limit despite the fact that all the smaller communities in the surrounding areas have limits. I wonder if it will be a different tune when the city has to look for another site for trash storage!


Alli said...

Toronto has a garbage limit of 7 bags every other week. I think that is a bit much since we only had 2 bays for 2 weeks, sometimes one bag is only half full.
Oshawa also has a limit on their bags as well it is 4 for everyother week. That is a bit more reasonable. Oshawa is now also thinking that they want to have you use only clear garbage bags that was people will start to recycle more. I don't think we can recycle more in our house. Since a lot of the stuff we could recycle in Toronto we can't here(eg. Diapers, juice boxes,dessert trays). Here they actually sift through your recycling every week to make sure you don't have the wrong things in there.
Toronto also has to ship there garbage to Michigan because they don't have the storge there anymore.
But I think that every city/town/borough should have a bag limit to get more people to recycle. That's just my thoughts.
Take care

'Berta said...

Garbage and recycling is BIG business these days. A lot of charities are having trouble with people 'donating' garbage items. The charities are stuck with huge budget over runs from having to pay someone to dispose of other people's junk.

What brought on this way of thinking of passing the problem to someone else? Don't accept things with excess packaging unless you are prepared to dispose of it legitimately.

Alli said...

Eddie amd I bought a lot of refuseable bags to go shopping cause you can't recycle plastic bags.
I agree with you. Don't pass on your garbage to others. I do bring stuff to goodwill and value village but only if I thing others can use it when the kids are done with it. if it is broken it goes to the trash.