Moral Dilema Part 2

I feel so much better now. Last month I signed us up for an ebill vs a paper one through Canada Post. Well today we received a $10 gift card as a thank you. It saves the company paper & postage, I get my bill faster - from any location with online access.

The really great news?

The gift card is for HOLE'S Greenhouse!!!!!

Win win!


Lesley said...

How did we manage to not get a single pic of you or a group shot? Although I do admit my pics weren't exactly flattering...good thing I was wearing the granny panties. Anyone wanna see my underwear? ha ha.

Lesley said...
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'Berta said...

Well I guess some folks were too busy having fun with Gene Simmons or chatting with friends/family, others were tending bar and a few were actually boosting the silent auction prices!

So do we try sometime in May for a Team Crockett photo????