Who ordered more snow?

I realize that I'm probably sounding like a spoiled brat, we have had a great winter, compared to our eastern neighbours. But everything is relative and we had ~ 4 gorgeous days, I cleaned off my chair on the front porch and actually had a couple afternoons of leisurely reading with my faithful companion Cody. Late Friday afternoon, the thermometer bottomed out and the snow that melted as replaced with a fresh supply.

Nevertheless, we had something on the calendar for this weekend and by gosh, we went and did it! We finally found and agreed on a new patio set for the back deck that was in OUR BUDGET! How great is that? We have it on order and hopefully the deck will be clear before it arrives for pick up. I no longer have to plan on a couple days on picnic table sanding, painting and generally refurbishing it. Hmmmm....a possible Freecycle item? Perhaps I'll use those beefy boards in the greenhouse. They are nicely weathered.

As food prices seem to sky rocket, we continue to enjoy our little secret green grocer! We picked up 4 bags of fresh veggies/fruit for $17.16! An English cucumber...and I love a cucumber sandwich with fresh cracked pepper... 0.69, a pound of baby zukes, just right for the BBQ basket .49/lb, small red onions .69, green peppers .79/lb. We got that, bok choy, lemons, apples, mushrooms, bean sprouts, garlic, ginger, asparagus...we are going to be eating fresh and fabulous all week long! vegetarian meals are easier and more cost effective than ever before, unless you grow the stuff yourself. That's coming!

We rented a new to us Wii game...a hunting one...guess who picked that one...now we have a problem...no one to show us how it works! Oh well, TV seems to have bottomed out and we are looking at cutting back severely, so we do have time to play around with it. Maye we should have picked Cooking Mama!!!!

We'll be watching the Brier Final tonight. AB's Kevin Martin takes on ON Glenn Howard.

I hope babysitting goes smoothly for Lucie, Leeanne and Al this afternoon...Jonathan is a busy boy! I look forward to a post on the adventures in babysitting!!!! Hint - stay out of the city!

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