Phone Tag Day

I was reviewing Dad's last statements from his residence to find some extra deduction with no explanation, so....get my pad of paper for notes, a pen, phone numbers and start dialing.

I started by calling the Medicine Hat number, but was told I had to call head office in Edmonton. Fine. Did that...they can only help a little bit. I need to call back to Medicine hat for the specifics.

Seems they should have been charging for the laundry services all these years but weren't. Ok, I'm fine with that but now I await a return call from someone who will have to draft up a document of some sort for my files explaining this change in policy. I left message but am now wondering if she may be on days off with school kids on their spring break!

The second issue is the trust account. Seems there is a notation 'money from trust' $12.22. No explanation other than they took the money out. I can see that! Where did the money go? Why wasn't there the usual note saying 'hair cut', 'outing to Dairy Queen', 'bus trip to the mall' etc? Things can only get better as I wait on hold...seems the person who did this recreational outing has since left their I wait for a call back from their supervisor! The only good(?) news is that many people had the very same $12.22 taken out of their accounts.

So here I sit waiting for the phone to ring while I desperately want to run my errands so I can go out into the greenhouse this afternoon and play in the dirt!

Ring, d*mn you, ring!


Anonymous said...

Wow, good luck with getting everything figured out! I hope the phone rings soon for you!!

Brenda said...

It's a good thing you check these things out. You would be suprised how many people don't ever questions their statements. This person may no longer be employed for the very reason you are missing $12.22 along with how many others. No one wants to see anyone being taken advantage of. I hope it gets settle for you soon