Totally 80's wrap-up!

The official tally was posted on Team Crockett's site and we are very pleased with the results. We were however disappointed with the turn out but those who did join us, had a fabulous time.
Tables were decked out in our blue and yellow theme with balloon centerpieces with 80's trivia 'vases'.

DH trying to out do KISS's Gene Simmons...Chris went on to win the prize for the Best Celebrity Look-a-like! Well done Chris!
Baby Houseman along with Miami Vice's Sonny Crockett and Madonna pose for the camera!
Wayne (Mike Myer), GnR's Slash, The Demon and Gayle in her best 80's outfit ham it up early in the evening. It only got better!

I ended up dressing preppy ala Ally Sheedy of the Breakfast Club. Despite having lots of volunteer help with tear down, there was still a lot of unlady like positions I got myself into before we officially handed the hall back to the community. The Dynasty outfit would have been a disaster. My calves are still tight from carrying all those cases of pop up and then down those stairs!

BTW - the Bow Tie Quilt brought in $70 and I have had a request for another one. I have a scrappy Bargello with Friendship Stars to make for my grandsons first. However if I can get that and this second one done, I will donate that money also to the cause.

Team Crockett treated ourselves to a night out at a popular dinner theater Saturday where it was a treat tow waited on. the on stage was fabulous and the off stage one with our serves was priceless. The highlight...when a wee one thing (looking like a typical 10 yr old girl in the mid 1960's) talked up to Big Steve, said something and after looking at his dinner plate with a few veggies still on it...smacked him in the forehead a la 'Should have had a V8!' Timing was incredible! We all burst out laughing and we didn't stop until the show was over!

The planning has started for next year's fund raiser...I guess this means it'll be an annual event! What a great cause. For those checking the UNCOVER THE CURE it appears that we are short of our goal. However, there are a few cheques going in via snail mail and they will take longer to process.

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