Bringing you up to date

The Totally 80's party was a huge success...lots of laughs and friends out to support a great cause. The entire team has matched their financial commitment, anything else is just more gravy! Lesley's goal appears to be short, only because she had to snail mail in a cheque for 2 of the donations. Lesley did a fantastic job pulling all the stoppers out! Rumour has it, she has next year's party almost all planned out! can't wait.

In the end I went with a preppy look which was good for me...I forgot about all those stairs up to the kitchen. We didn't' get as many people as we had planned for so some of the many cases of pop had to be carried back down to one of the trucks. Tight calves STILL...4 days later!

Mid February, Aaron went to the MFC match in Edmonton - without a camera...they won't be making that mistake again in May! Anyways, Herb Dean the referee who oversees most of the big UFC matches was kind enough to have one of his staff take Joe's picture and post it on his website for us to snatch! What a guy - a true gentleman who kept his word!

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