What was I thinking?

Panty hose & heels at a party in which I'm helping with the buffet lunch, bartending, selling tickets? and whatever else is needed!!!! A quick check of my closet and I think I can put together something 80ish for tomorrow night!

I'm not sleeping soundly again! My mind is starting to take over my body...crazy dreams, some of which I can remember in vivid detail (I take after my Dad in this department - he had wonderful recollections the next day!) other times, I just have a foggy sense about what ran through my mind.

This morning I awake shortly after 3...hot flash...not a flush, a flash! Joe was snoring, I couldn't get back to sleep, especially after I discovered his heavy housecoat carefully tucked around me so I wasn't cold!!!!! My mind was full of things to come, the party, my next sewing project, my continued craft purge planned for next week and my progress on Frederick.

By 4:10am, I gave up and got myself out of bed. Have a cup of green tea, I loaded and started the dishes from last night...I was lazy and just piled them!!!! Then I checked email, read a bit and then watched a bit of tv while waiting for Joe to get his day started.

Joe thinks I should blog about my commando day yesterday, but what can I say...I pulled on some clothes to run the trash out to the curb and I just never thought about underwear for the rest of the day! I doubt... KNOW I could never go outside into public life w/o! I'd give myself away with my red cheeks of embarrassment. After all, all our Moms told us to WEAR clean underwear in case we are ever in an accident!

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