Crazy weekend approaching

The Turner Valley gang is coming up for a variety of reasons...besides a visit! Jeff has his trade show, Heather has a gown fitting and we need to do some other shopping. Well it seems Heather has to work on Friday so can't come up with Jeff...Jonathan may be with Auntie or come up with Daddy and visit with Nannie while Daddy sets up his booth. Heather recently got scheduled to work on Sunday...but has no day care won't work. Papa & Nannie may drive down and pick up HL & JR Friday after work so she can stay through to the end of the trade show on Sunday and go back with Jeff as a family! They won't see much of each other over the weekend. Or not....I still don't know which way this is going to pan out.

Welcome to my world and all its quirks! Isn't it great?!

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