Not sure if I'm ready!

The weekend is going to be weird to say the least. Jeff and the little man are arriving early this afternoon...either Joe or I will meet them in the city and bring JR back home while Jeff sets up his display booth.

HL has to work today and will drive up afterwards.

Saturday Jeff does his sales thing, us girls go for the fitting and then we'll do something with Joe & JR. After supper, HL drives back home because she has to work on Sunday morning.

Sunday Jeff does his show, JR hangs out with us until late afternoon. Then we pack him up and drive into the city to transfer him to Daddy's waiting arms for their drive home...along with all of Jeff's samples etc...I guess that means we as grandparents can't go out and buy something really large and really cute for the little guy!

Or can we??????? Stay tuned!

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