Love it!

I'm a happy camper when I can get my clothesline out in the spring. Due to the arrangement of utility lines in the back yard, we had to go with an umbrella style clothesline when we moved in. It's not my favorite style but it's better than nothing. I love hanging my laundry out to dry and yes I am sensitive to the private laundry which gets hung in the laundry room out of sight.

Seems with all the talk about raising gas prices, and green house gases from idling cars in the drive-thru, some are overlooking the obvious. Use a solar powered clothes dryer whenever possible!

But no...we don't want to see your line of clothes flapping in the breeze! It's like we don't want to admit that clothes get dirty and laundry is a fact of life. Our local paper ran an article yesterday on this very topic. Whenever we've entertained the thought of moving into a newer home, we've always checked for convenants. Most salespeople don't see why I leave shortly after learning what I could and couldn't do in one of their new fabulous decorated homes. Laundry happens and it's gonna happen in my backyard!

I think it's similar to bathroom issues....I NEVER see any of my neighbours carrying a jumbo sized package of TP into the house! What do they use?????

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