A Belated Thank You!

I have to thank my big sister Sharon for her support in the upcoming Uncover the Cure: The Underwear Affair. Her generosity is deeply appreciated. I hope to make all my sponsor proud in June.

The race route was recently announced, it goes along the water on Memorial Drive...its' going to be very pretty. I may hang towards the back of the pack so I can get some photos! Aaron said the race doesn't start until 7 pm, so I hope I don't get too nervous during the day.

Joe & Steve are planning on riding their bikes down on Friday...Gayle & I will drive. Not sure if we'll take a car or the truck...in case we have to lug a bike back with us!

Team Crockett will walk the 5 km as a team, and show support for us older and not so ship shaped members. But I'm sure we will have the most fun...not sure about the underwear part of it...no one wants to see my granny panties or Joe's thing!

Once again Thank You Sharon for your support and Thanks to Krista for sponsoring Aaron. Every bit helps this wonderful cause that doesn't get the exposure it deserves!

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