Town update

Town Council got the message about a gradual phasing in of the new to attend the next meeting to make sure this is on the agenda. Was it coincidence that workman had part of 100 St dug up and new pipes off on the side?

We still have snow in the back, melting slowly as our mornings are socked in with heavy fog. That doesn't burn off until mid day and by then we don't reach our predicted highs. The good news is I don't have to rush out and get the yard raked - need to find and clean all the mice scat first!

Temperatures in the greenhouse are warming up...almost time to plant lettuce etc.

Til next time, I'm heading for my rocker and plugging in the heating pad...this dampness, old age or whatever has played havoc on my back all week.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your back is acting up, it must be a sister thing because Mom's back has been bothering her all week as well...thank goodness for the heating pads!