My balls are starting to drop!

Projects seem to be taking over my life in one form or another. Don't get me wrong, I love doing them but for some unknown reason I feel hurried.

JR's quilt has stalled. I'm reworking HL's rocking chair and hoping to drop it off this week. The quilt can get mailed.

I have yet to run up L's curtain requests. #1 son is going combat so needs some olive drab to hang in his window and L wants a change in her hallway. Both very doable, seeing I have the fabric and measurements.

The garden is so so. I have a lot of perennials yet to poke their head through. I'm beginning to wonder if the mice had a mid winter feast at my expense! tomatoes continue to do peppers were a no will buy a couple. Have you checked prices! they have a payment plan?!

We are clearing out the sheds/basement. More to Freecycle...seems they have slowed down or all my good stuff has already been taken! Well if they aren't gone by Wednesday, the trash man will take them!


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Alli said...

The only way to get through it is one thing at a time, and remeber the breath and take time to read.
( Signs of 7even series is amazing by Nora Robberts).