Awesome weekend was yours?

We got a lot of things attended to but without that feeling of being overly rushes. there's still a lot I want to get done, but...where do you draw the line? it's a wonder how better things look after a good night sleep.

We met Lucie and her friend Bev for breakfast this morning, before heading to the office so Joe could drop some stuff off...we were in the neighbourhood AND he's planning on taking the bike in Monday so...

We did some more puttering around the yard, cleaned out the sheds, got permission to Freecycle the reel push mower we borrowed - I posted it and have a potential candidate for Monday after supper!

Cody is feeling better...she wasn't chasing after the ball all winter but now the hot tub is up and running, she thinks she's a puppy. That's the good & bad news....we extended a flower bed to go past the tub area...and she' running through my tulips for the ball! She's not exactly Tiny Tim but what do we do? Joe did put a board down over the bulbs...but as the stems emerge, I think it'll be a lost cause. Oh well, she is family.

It's going to be a busy week...lots of travel and then the weekend...and yes the golf course is JUST opened...we call on Thursday for a Saturday tee off time! Now to hope for good weather.

I'm awaiting word on my cousin Tanya who is in U of A hospital...hopefully she's on the mend.

Other than that, stay healthy and have a great week!

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