Spoke too soon!

I stopped to check the garden after dumping my veggie peelings into the composter, when I heard a bumble bee.

Next thing I knew I had a piercing pain under my left shoulder blade and I was running into the house like a crazy person, peeling off my clothes!

I dropped my clothes on the floor, the bee still making his buzzing sound. I closed the door and raced upstairs, past my wide open front door into my bathroom with the full length mirror.

By this time, I'm trying not to panic...this is my first bee sting. I do have a mild reaction to wasp stings, but you never knew when it's going to go ugly on you.

Twisting and turning I can see the stinger, but I can't reach it. A quick call to Joe who is on his way home...he knows the situation, and suggested a R*actin.

Oh yeah...the bee is still in the bathroom...Joe can handle him!

What a start to my weekend!

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