Back to better eating

I'm not sure if it's been our crazy schedule or just the aging process or what, but I've been lagging in energy lately. So after much thought and a happy surprise...I found Lesley's juicer I'd borrowed a year ago...I'm going back to more natural food.

This only stands makes sense. We've found a great little green grocery not too far away with great prices and lots of variety. So I'm trying to limit and eventually cut back on my caffeine ( both coffee & brewed tea) and move away from commercial juices packed up sugar and preservatives.

So with that in mind I made juice for 1 this morning. 2 pears, 3 apples and a celery stalk later, I had a tasty 5 oz. Now the real question - just how fast is this going to digest and will there be any nasty side effects! Alex has a cute word he uses - the pee poops! Stay tuned for follow-up on this

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